Our Company

Kampala Photography Ltd is a full-service photography production company located in the heart of Kampala, Uganda.


Our mission is to provide high quality photographs which captivate the intended vision of every client. We believe that a good relationship and communication of your requirements is quintessential in achieving our goal. Added to this is the attention to detail and timeliness with which we undertake every job.


Our scope of photography includes, to mention a few: Commercial; product: lifestyle and still life; cuisine; hotels & lodges; fashion; aerial. **(Our drone is hired out strictly with operator)


Kampala Photography’s services are not limited to photography. We also offer the following:

-       Designing and printing:  menus, brochures, pull up banners, or any other company stationary

-       Large-scale printing for trucks, buses, billboards – please see our ‘Printing’ link for more information

-       Photogrammetry mapping, orthomosaic and photogrammetric volume calculating - please see our ‘Drone Mapping’ link for more information

-       Monthly aerial surveys of work

-       Monitoring work in progress over a desired period of time

-       Hiring of fixed cameras to be situated on strategic locations around sites for monitoring daily progress over a specified period of time.


Not in Kampala? We engage in remote product photography. We work closely with the client to ensure we understand exactly the expectations. You then post us your product and we shoot it! Once completed we will get your photos to you immediately and post back the products.


Should you wish to work with us or ask for more information, please follow the ‘Contact us’ link.


Our Photographer

Our Photographer, Fabrice Pierre Palacio, is the founder of Kampala Photography ltd. He is of French origins but has lived all his life in various countries in Africa. His passion for photography, coupled with his eye for detail and aesthetic beauty, lead him to further his knowledge in the photographic field. His over 12 years of experience, coupled with his dedication, creativity and originality is reflected in every photograph.



Nikon D800E x 1 - 36 Millions Pixels

Nikon D750 x 2 - 24 Millions Pixels NEW

Nikon D300 x 2 - 12 Millions Pixels

20 mm f/2.8

50 mm f/1.4

85 mm f/1.8

105 mm f/2.8 Vr Macro

500 mm f/4 Vr

16-85 mm f/3.5

70-200 mm f/2.8 Vr

200-400 mm f4 Vr

4 Flashs 1900 Joules

2 Flashs 1900 Joules